About Wodiam

Who's behind the cutting magic?

Wodiam is a family business with a passion for cutting and drilling at the highest quality and fastest pace. This is our team. These guys make sure you get the best out of your resources. Amazing quality, incredible speed, improved efficiency, but most importantly: you know how to use it so you can make a difference.

January 2005
Wodiam is founded
January 2014
Wodiam develops his first dekton/ceramic blade
March 2016
Expanding its sales to Europe
April 2018
Wodiam starts his own production in Germany
May 2018
Research and tests for a new generation of cutting blades
August 2018
First blade with new fast-cutting technology on the market
December 2018
Expanding its sales to the USA and Canada
This is the Wodiam way.

Support our customers can rely on

Our clients’ equipment should work effortlessly so they can deliver their very best work for the end customer. We will take away all worrying and frustration by being right next to our client when he needs us.

In-depth technical knowledge

We educate ourselves daily so we can make sure we can solve every technical problem for you.

Highly personal approach

We will personally make sure that your blades are perfectly installed.

Incredible speed

Cut faster than ever before. We can make your work more efficient without the loss of quality.

Best quality in the world

You won’t find this quality and speed anywhere else. Let’s test it out so you can see it yourself.

What our customers say

  • We wanted a very clean and clear cut, but we have gotten the speed as a surplus.

    Benny - Belgian Stone Design
    Benny Goossens
    Belgian Stone Design
  • Wodiam takes a look at our production process and suggests improvements.

    Joren - Bouwcenter Dils
    Joren Vermeulen
    Bouwcenter Dils
  • Wodiam actually listened to what we had to say. So now we have a terrific blade that delivers incredible results.

    Tim - Louis Culot Keukenwerkbladen
    Tim Culot
    Louis Culot Keukenwerkbladen