Increase your efficiency

With these fast & retained CNC diamond tools.

We make sure your CNC machine operates at its best.

Higher speeds and a more refined finishing are increasing the efficiency of your CNC machine by factor three to four.


Higher speed & efficiency

Achieve incredible speeds on your machine. You will get more work done in less time.

Retained profile

This means you don’t need redressing. So no headaches and no waste of time!

One set for all materials

  • No additional purchase of sets for other materials
  • Limit your stock of tools.
  • Less tools = less confusion

Extra long life

With a diameter of 60 millimeters you easily achieve a working life of 3 – 6 kilometers, with a diameter of 20 millimeters you may expect a working life of 1 – 2 kilometers.

We help you select and install the right tools.

Only with the correct settings you get the very best out of the higher speeds and the refined finishing guaranteed by our diamond tools. But don’t worry, we help you step by step along the way.

Let's find the best solution for you.